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Postby Randy » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:24 pm

I think you should induct Bertha Regan Tickey in to the Hall of Fame. Out of the 845 games she played she only lost 88 of them, she pitched 162 no hitters and is one of the greatest soft ball pitchers of all time. She one of the true pioneers of softball.
Country: united states
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Postby Daniel » Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:41 am

The IOC’s decision to eliminate softball and baseball from the summer olympics is not necessary. A better solution could have easily been found. The winter Olympics have much fewer sports included than the summer games and this has been a criticism raised by Olympic watchers. Also, there are a number of events, which, although historically have been summer events, into today’s modern world these events are held indoors and the season is no longer a concern. My suggestion is to move some of these sports from the summer to the winter games. Such examples could be judo, wrestling, weight lifting, boxing, table tennis etc. The list is quite long not all would have to move. A transition period could have these events held in 2012 at the summer games and repeated in 2014 at the winter games. Such an approach would be supportive of the athletes and the games themselves. It would also broaden the winter games audience by including sports to the winter Olympics which would be more regularly played by athletes in countries which do not have a winter climate. These countries could be able to participate competitively in these sporting events in the Winter games. This is a win win solution.
Country: Canada
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Postby JaNeal » Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:46 pm

hi i am JaNeal i am 13 years old, i am on a summer team we took 5th at State, I am a picher for a 16U team. My comment is that they should have Olympic camps in the West Side of the in Montana,and just all over.Will i think that Softball is kick butt!!
see ya later peace love,
Country: USA
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Postby Laurie » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:07 am

Having high-level softball televised nationally is a wonderful opportunity for young players to see the game the way it was meant to be played. As a young player in the mid 1970s I had little opportunity to actually see other females playing the game I loved. Eventually, a Sports Illustrated magazine, held by my mom, met me at the door after school one day. In it was a piece on then-Connecticut Falcons ace Joan Joyce. I treasured that article and was inspired to learn there was a fledgling pro league for softball. I found an ASA Major team locally and avidly followed them until the invite came to join them. To see, or even play, ball on television would have been beyond imagination, as would the chance to see softball Olympians compete on a world stage.

Today, we look for answers on how to get our game back into the Olympics and how to drum up support for pro ball. Let’s face it, in large media markets full of major pro men’s sports, we can only hope to claim an avid, but smallish, cult-following. Not exactly a commercial (read: money-making) success. So, the inevitable call comes to change the game. Move the mound, add offense-friendly rules, etc. To this, I state that you risk alienating the purists, the real lovers of the sport, in favor of casual fans that may pop in in May to check out the CWS or in summer a few times a decade to see Olympians. The game is the game. Complaints that it is pitcher-dominated reflect the obvious--it IS. Viewers are seeing the game at its highest ability level, and so the finest pitchers in the world are on stage. As baseball and softball people know, good pitching and defense will beat good hitting. Checking out local games among HS or even college players will see much more offense. Also, enforcing rules such as the look-back rule to the point where the integrity of the game is compromised, as it was during the World Cup final, doesn’t help add offense. The game isn’t broken, but perhaps the presentation of it is.

Watching the CWS or World Cup I appreciate the color commentary by a Michelle Smith or other former players. I would add a more fan-friendly intro of players. College players come and go, and the Olympian and WC athletes also change. Tell me something about them as individuals, make me care about them and their teams. Link these world class athletes to their younger counterparts through photos or anecdotes or interviews about their youth ball experiences. Make them come alive so girls can claim them as heroes. We have precious few names that stay consistantly in the public eye. We have evolved beyond the era of players who don’t meet the commercial standard of femininity or beauty, so there is no reason to hide softball players with long camera shots.There are enough ambassadors of the game to create more of a profile. Find a way into a major sport magazine once in a while or get newspaper coverage or profiles of major players. This is a publicity issue that can be solved, even if by paid pages similar to what the fishing world does. Bat and glove companies would have to kick in their share, but the end result would create success for all.

As for the game itself, there would be no need to move the mound if the umpires would simply call the standard strike zone. The same argument has been made in pro baseball. Just watching the final world cup game would tell even the casual fan that the wide strike zone favors pitchers who quite frankly don’t need the help. Make them come over the plate and give hitters a chance to see a fastball they can actually reach.

Leave the game alone, just find a way to market it as it is, but realize there are fundamental limits on how commercial it can be. We need to get the most out of the actual fans of the sport as they are the market.

Country: USA
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Postby 2 concerned players » Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:16 pm

We think that women should be neither presidents (h.c.) nor umpires! especially after the world cup games.
2 concerned players
Country: usa
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Postby jenn » Sat Jul 14, 2007 7:01 am

moving the mound and such isn’t what i would suggest at all since these girls have not only played but learned/love this sport the way the rules were set way back in time, plus it’s not pratical or safe for young girls. Why do you think girls end up with torn ACL/MCL injuries and such? the way it is, i believe after high school the rules change like it does in baseball, and "running while at bat" should be stopped if they leave the box, at least that rule was enforced in high school play, why does it change because we age as an adult, not a young child first learning. I do agree with that aspect because there isn’t much action like it is in younger athletes, and those girls should be the one honored and splashed all over front page since these girls are the one’s who bring the true meaning of pitching and playing back to back in 110 degree heat! The out-witting the pitcher is key to game then good defense, as I do think it’s okay to get a good running start to make base, I have watched way to many players leave the box before the ball is hit, which is against the rules!
It takes the sport out of the game.
I also believe to make a change don’t treat softball as you do baseball!
First and upmost suggestion cause this is the one that bothers me the MOST!! IS THE GAME IS ABOUT THE TEAM, NOT JUST THE PITCHER!! If it was about the pitcher and nothing but then there would be no use for other members on the squad, start by making a big deal about EVERYONE on the team, their life and history, splash ALL of these girls on the red carpet, in advertising and such, even if it means doing it one by one but make sure each and every individual gets full and good coverage! It’s only fair they all work hard to get where they are at, at not an individual level but together as a team!
I also feel that alot of awesome girls who love to play ball can’t because they can not afford college. This needs to change too!
I been an avid softball player, and mostly a pitcher since I was little, and all this comes from experience. I came from a tiny town with no chance and no scouts to come look at my team for college ball, which I lost my chance not only because of that, but mainly my family was broke. I didn’t get a chance at a scholarship even being recognized as an All Star Player, National Player, etc. etc. Small town girls struggle to get piece of the action as some of these big town girls do. I hope that the stipulations on girls wanting to play is taken in to consideration, not only for 2 yr colleges but also for girls don’t have a fighting chance to make that team because of one condition, money.....
Another thing, the rules and regulations need to take in consideration somewhere, the young girl softball players of our future! I started as a extremely young fast pitch pitcher, and never could go back to pitching slow because of the stress the arm endures. You need to be advocates of not only knowing that teaching girls/coaches/schools at a young age to pitch can ruin their arms if not taught properly but also any other aspects of the game! There is not enough if any teachings on safety, especially when children are in the first stages of learning the game.
Advertising is next to none for softball which needs to be stepped up, start early, especially in schools, small towns, (not just the capital of the state, don’t depend on these big town people to advertise it in the small towns) and t.v./newspaper advertisements don’t reach everyone because not everyone has them! Mass mail media, signs, posters, find a way to get a softball club with a president and such like they do with v.f.w. people going in towns, making sure to emphasize that members need to be softball players from past, present, future. Use the past people to be your leaders and represent your sport, set examples and being a role model. As well as a way out for trouble kids, I again, was one of these, my saving grace was softball, it saved my life and have a mucher higher love for the game but also the players. I always had an escape for the beatings I endured at home, an excuse by saying I had practice, so please think of this too!
Young kids are our future but you must set the example today!
Country: usa
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Postby Robert Henry » Sat Jul 14, 2007 6:01 am

I would suggest that you compress the phots on the various areas of your web site meant for downloading. I realize that it would effect the quality but it would speed up the download. You could have a link for phots only and not compress those for the press and other who wanted quality phots.
Just a thought Keep up the great work for SOFTBALL!
Robert Henry
Country: U S A
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Postby byung won choi » Thu Jul 05, 2007 3:29 pm

Dear ISF.I would like make suggestion about korean softball team.Softball in korea is sadly not popular as baseball.Women in korea deserve to have fun play softball like men enjoy play baseball.We don,t have men,s league yet i think.I hope ISF help develop men,s softball league in korea.Mostly is women,s softball first.I hope koreans know more about women,s softball and help them to get lot experience.Please let korean softball team know about all upcoming games and event so they can much games under their belt as possible and support them please.I hope i can help too.I know there is now canadacup is going on and please contact them and help them attend many games.Thanks.
byung won choi
Country: korea
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Postby Chiqui Vázquez » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:19 am

1. For those who think we are women’s baseball 1.1. Softball is an independent sport with independent governing bodies both at regional and international level. 1.2. We do have women’s and men’s softball 1.3. Softball is played globally even though it does not have a great media coverage in those countries where it is not known well enough. 1.4. Because we are mainly a female sport, media does not pay much attention (like it happens with female sports in general) 2. For those who doubt about softball deserving to be there: 2.1. We do have World Championships qualifying for the Olympics 2.2. We fulfill WADA’s demands 2.3. Our best athletes compete at the Olympiads.
Chiqui Vázquez
Country: Spain
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Postby Julie Nimmons » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:37 am

2007--Softball participation has increased by ___% since the 1996 Olympic Games.

There are ___ countries where softball has been adopted since the 1996 Olympic Games.

2008-- _____ (countries) have introduced softball as a team sport.

There have been ___ international tournaments added as a result of increased interest and participation.

Julie Nimmons
Country: USA
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