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Support Olympic Softball

Support Olympic Softball

Postby A.G. » Tue Jul 12, 2005 3:04 am

Could anyone help me please and write down some lines in english that could be used by the non-mothertongue on a letter/postcard addressed to Mr.Rogge?
Something that explain why put off Softball from London 2012 was really a bad bad bad idea...
I am going to propose this in Italy.
Softball lovers from all over the world: let’s do the same!
Country: Italy
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby Pat H. » Tue Jul 12, 2005 2:19 am

TELL ALL THE SOFTBALL FANS AND PLAYERS you know as this petition tries to pressure the IOC to get the sport back in the Olympics. This is an exciting sport and was no more evident then what you saw at the ISF 2005 JR MEN’S WORLD SOFTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS IN SUMMERSIDE, PEI earlier this month!

Thanks PAT H.
Pat H.
Country: Canada
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby michael paul » Mon Jul 11, 2005 1:16 pm

I hope the international softball community takes the time to indicate the level of support for Olympic Softball to the IOC. A letter writing campaign may remind the IOC that millions of women in over 100 countries participate in the sport. Mr. Jacques Rogge, the president of the IOC indicated that softball did not have wide support and appeal and that international softball needed to improve the numbers. Although the numbers may refer to the cost of supporting Olympic Softball in London, we must not let softball be dropped like tug-of-war from future Olympic Games. Letters can be sent to:Mr. Jacques Rogge
c/o International Olympic Committee
Château de Vidy
1007 Lausanne,Switzerland

Individual members of the IOC are all listed on the Olympic Movement website.
michael paul
Country: USA
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby Dale St John » Mon Jul 11, 2005 8:08 am

Maybe it is time we turned our back on the IOC. I know this is controversible but perhaps USA should say NO to the Olympics. We can have our own & invite all athletes from around the World to come. To remove SB because of our ties with BB? Huh? The excuse that SB is not popular around the World? Double huh?? I heard that the President of the IOC attended the Gold Medal Game at the last Olympics. Rumor was he couldn’t understand it? Triple huh??? Now it surfaces that we were told to help the IOC with non-money sports & we didn’t. So as usual it comes down to $$$$. Disgusting!!!!
Dale St John
Country: USA
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby ariel sims » Mon Jul 11, 2005 1:33 am

omg! what in the world is the IOC doing... they’re taking out a sport that is well loved and played by many... my dream since i was four was was to play in the olympics... and by the time i’d acutually be old enough to play that dream is gone... i’ve been playing for 11 years and enjoyed every minute of it. think about the other girls that have devoted their lives just as i have only to noe that its been thrown away... thanks for nuthing IOC... softball rocks my world!!!!!
ariel sims
Country: usa
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby Diane » Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:13 pm

There is a great deal made of softball here in the USA. This is one sport that girls can aspire to be a champion at where they are kept going 12 months a year. My 12 yr old has the Olympic spirit in her heart. The girls have been together since Kindergarten and are a great bunch of girls,not in trouble, A students and just play together. Having a non-existant goal is going to beat their spirits.
Country: USA
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby hornetsnestforfun » Fri Jul 08, 2005 7:02 pm

I’m deeply, deeply saddened. I can’t believe that the Olympic committee would drop softball. Australian ball would be nowhere near what it is without the Olympic berth and competition. Not to mention the others from outside North America (Canada Cup pool standings regardless, those Dutch kids can play a mean brand of ball - dramatically improved from a few years ago - the Chinese and Japanese - holy-cow are they into it, intense and having fun all at once). What’s going to happen when their national funding gets diverted to further support of teams to beat the Americans at basketball? I’m afraid that the skill level that has improved so much on the non-American squads over the past few years is now going to dwindle and fade like a weed that has been soaked in a 2-4-d & d-d-t cocktail. Shame on the Olympic Committee & shame on thier secret vote. It’s time to start the rally for getting softball and amateur baseball back in after 2012.
Country: canada
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby Jerry Richardson » Fri Jul 08, 2005 2:54 pm

AS a father and a coach of my daughter’s softball for the past 9 years, I am dismayed that the IOC deems this great women’s game as less important than syncronized diving & Swimming, and rythmic gymnastics.

Last year my daughter and I regularly were waking up at 3:00 am to watch the games.

Maybe there would have been better TV coverage if the network had aired the games at a reasonable time.

Before the Olympics, we got to watch Team USA in action in Topeka KS. What a great bunch of ladies.

please do not let the IOC eliminate Softball!!!

Dr. Jerry R. Richardson

Jerry Richardson
Country: USA
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby carlos caro » Fri Jul 08, 2005 11:52 am

This is the worst thing that the IOC has done related to sports, eliminating the softball games for 2012. The IOC has killed the dreams and hopes of young players, countries-over 124, fans, and parents. I personally will never watch or attend an olympic competition once softball is eliminated.
Softball will teach the new generations to come how WRONG the committee members were.
Softball players will continue to develop the sport across the world, through the Pan Am games, Europe games, Asian games, African games, world cups, Canada cup, and Japan cup.
Softball has earned their right to be a part of the olympic program, huge stadiums full of people, good games,while other sports barely get a following. Money is the root of all evil and I believe it is the main cause of this one. 2008 china!!!GO SOFTBALL
carlos caro
Country: USA, CUBA, Dominican Republic
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Support Olympic Softball

Postby Emily E. » Fri Jul 08, 2005 11:45 am

I can’t believe they are taking out softball and baseball from the olympics. That is crushing many young players’ dreams that have devoted their lives to playing softball in the olympics. They are taking it out one olympic year away from when I will be old enough to play, and I am very dissapointed. Softball is the most fun that a girl could ever have, and it relieves stress, and my grandfather that died and my very ill grandmother always wanted me to play in college and in the olympics, but now they will never be able to see me play. I just can’t believe their descision.
Emily E.
Country: USA
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